Anthony Fisher on Rudy Giuliani

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M. ANTHONY FISHER SPEECH/Intrepid Freedom Dinner

* Thank you Steven for this wonderful introduction. I am very
proud to stand on this stage with you this evening.
* Thank you all for coming to our tenth annual Salute to Freedom
dinner. However, I would like to thank in particular, Governor Pataki
for making such sacrifices to join us this evening. Congratulations to
Bruce Mosler, our Intrepid Salute Award recipient, to Arthur Mirante,
our honorary Co-Chairman, and to you, Steven, our Dinner Chairman, and
the Committee for your outstanding leadership and faith in the belief
that this dinner would be a great success [applause].

Distinguished guests …..Ladies and Gentlemen…
* Allow me to take a moment to share with you how delighted we
are to see each and every one of you here tonight aboard the Intrepid on
this special evening.* When we started to plan for our tenth annual Salute to Freedom
Dinner, which we traditionally hold in the fall, we never anticipated
that we would welcome you on board in December. We never assumed that
we would have to live through what we know has been one of the most
devastating and difficult moments of our nation’s history.

* While it has touched every facet of our lives, it has also
reinvigorated our sense of patriotism in the knowledge that together we
must forge ahead undaunted. That is why it is befitting for us to be on
Intrepid on this night. But, the Intrepid that has seen battle in World
War II, and stood steadfast in New York Harbor, for close to 20 years,
is facing a challenge.

She needs our help more than ever to remain afloat as a place of
remembrance for all New Yorkers and the world to visit, as my uncle,
Zach Fisher, had dreamed. She needs your help to continue her mission
to honor our heroes, educate the public and inspire our youth about the
price of freedom, for we cannot preserve her for posterity without your
support. She is “ours” and “yours” to cherish and preserve.

That is why we are gathered here tonight in this sacred hall to pay
tribute to all the men and women of the emergency services and our armed
forces who responded to the call to duty, some at the cost of their own
lives [pause ].

* Since that day, our nation has responded and responded
magnificently. Let us take a moment to salute President Bush for his
outstanding leadership in this time of crisis [lead in applause].

* Steven and I are pleased tonight to introduce a man who led
that response on 9/11 and who needs no introduction. Tonight he we will
receive the 2001 Intrepid Freedom Award in recognition for his
tremendous leadership in defense of world freedom and democracy. He has
devoted eight years of his life to our City, and most of his life in
service to our nation, he has led our great city through the darkest
chapter of its 400-year history, and done so with much distinction and
* In the face of great challenge, he rose to heights never seen
before in this city or in any other. The entire city, and the world
looked to one man to lead New York City and help us keep the faith when
all else around us was chaos. Tirelessly he and his team forged ahead
and kept us going.

* During his administration he:
-returned the work ethic to the center of City life by implementing the
largest and most successful welfare-to-work initiative in the country;
– enacted a record of over $2.5 billion in tax reduction;
-and was a leader in getting health insurance to children;
-Under his leadership, New York City has become the best-known example
of the resurgence of urban America.
-thanks to you, Rudy, New York City is the safest large city in America.

* I personally believe that he will go down in the history books
as the greatest Mayor of the City of New York.
Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the recipient of the 2001 Intrepid
Freedom Award, and our city’s 107th Mayor, a man we will never forget,
the one and only, Rudy Giuliani.

[Mayor Giuliani comes to the stage. When he is at the podium, you

* Mr. Mayor, I am honored to present to you the Intrepid Freedom

[Marine officer will walk forward with the award, please take it and
place it around Giuliani’s neck. Make sure that the award is straight.
The Marine officer will check also, please let him do so. Stay on
stage for photo op]

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